Meet Avi Karpick
Specialist Director & DoP - Tabletop Advertising, Commercial Reel, Food Appeal and High-Speed Cinematography

For over 25 years, Avi Karpick has worked worldwide as a renowned cinematographer and director on hundreds of large-scale and award winning advertising campaigns.

After many years of shooting live action, he chose to specialize in food and liquids tabletop advertising, working with top food stylists, mockup artist and SFX teams in over 20 countries.

With a firm belief that 'no task is impossible', he has become a highly sought-after director and DoP, specializing in the widest range of tabletop products, such as chocolate, fruit, meat, dairy, baked goods, beer, soda and other liquids.

He has been called upon to work on advertising productions around the globe for top food, beverage, fast food, restaurant and other brands such as McDonald's, The Coca-Cola Company, Heineken, Volkswagen, IKEA and Turkish Airlines.

Avi Karpick offers vast experience in both live action and tabletop advertising and cinematography. He is an expert in food styling, combining live action, tabletop and CGI, and has an unparalleled knowledge of cameras, motion control systems, shooting underwater and at high speed.

He works with a wide variety of cameras, including Phantom, ALEXA, and GigaPan EPIC. He also specializes in working with macro lenses and DNA borescope, creating unique and magnificent extreme close-up shots.

His distinctive approach has resulted in eye-provoking, engaging, and memorable tabletop and other commercials as he combines a real passion for food with a great talent for designing arresting frames and 'food action'.