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"I have worked with Avi in many projects, Avi is one of the most easy going and problem solving director I’ve ever worked. His calm behaviour, his experience and his creative ideas always helped me to wrap the projects smoothly.”
C. Cem Toparlaklı
Executive producer - dijital santlar
"Avi is not only a great teacher, with a unique sense of humor, and a fabulous taste, but one of the best persons I've ever known. Just a conversation with him is worth every project. Oh, and of course, he is a magnificent director."
Pablo Cárdenas
Avi's reel speaks for itself. What is does not say is how resourceful Avi is. He is very resourceful and has solution for everything. And on a table top job that is a big blessing. We had a great experience working with him.
Amitabh Bhattacharya
Executive Producer - nomad films india
I have shot with Avi recently and found him a great person, very nice to work with, and I would love to work with him again Saludos,
Carolina Kostbahn
producer - Central films Mexico
Avi is very experienced in his scope of work, therefore he is able to foresee problems before it happen, which is very helpful. It’s great working with him. Thanks,
Lorna Chua
Executive producer - Fat Fat Cat productions Shanghai China